Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed

Is freedom of thought in academia under attack in America?

In, Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed (2008), Ben Stein argues that promoting, or exploring the possibility of, Intelligent Design as an alternative to Darwinism can get you fired or blacklisted within the academic community.

The film raises the question; shouldn’t schools promote freedom of thought and rational debate? If a theory is thought to have errors or just be completely wrong, shouldn’t open rational debate be a logical approach to confirm the validity of the claims made against said theory?

In, Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed, Stein shows that experts in academia are labeled as dissenters and are sometimes silenced for trying to engage in rational thought provoking debate.

Whether you are a person of extreme faith or person of science, freedom of thought should be paramount in the academic arena.

With that said, the film raises an interesting point. If you wish to enter into the field of science, you may have to check your religion at the door.

What say you?

Update 6/20/12:

Oregon State University Professor Fired for Global Warming Skepticism?


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