Indoctrinate U

Freedom of thought and expression are imperative to individual growth.

As we mature through childhood, to adolescence, all the way to adulthood, much of what we learn to do and not to do can be attributed to freedom of thought and expression.

As it relates to education, it is in this writer’s opinion that freedom of thought and expression are of extreme importance.

To engage a topic objectively, to examine both sides of the coin, should be paramount and pursued in all classrooms and all aspects of life.

But how much of this objective teaching goes on in today’s classrooms? Are teachers and administration checking ideology at the door, or has subjective ideology gained a foothold in the lesson plan of some teachers?

Indoctrinate U, is a documentary that focuses on the attack of freedom of thought on college campuses and how it affects students and faculty.

The film argues that an overwhelmingly number of faculty are liberal or Democrat. In making this argument, filmmaker Evan Coyne Maloney, suggests that the ideology of some faculty has spilled over into the classroom and into the administration.

As a result, teachers are afraid to declare themselves conservative or Republican in fear of reprise. Students are labeled as dissenters for having, and sharing, opposing views.

Indoctrinate U, will take you on the campuses of many well-known colleges across the US to examine how the ideology of it, at times, has restricted the freedom of thought for many.

Are our colleges stifling freedom of thought, rational debate and diversity of ideas?

What say you?

Leave your pithy comments here.

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