2 thoughts on “My Favorite OWS and Obama Voter Videos

  1. I would actually argue that these people often get ignored by the main stream media because they want the public to think that this movement is strong and full of great people fighting the injustices of capitalism. You won’t see CNN or MSNBC showing these videos, really you won’t even see Fox News showing them except for the one above.

    Also, to be fair there are idiots at tea party protests too. However, the reason I wanted to highlight these ones is because tea party protests are, for the most part, peaceful and non-violent. What happens a lot is OWS supporters show up at tea party events and disrupt their event by shouting, yelling and interpreting their right to free speech all while covering their faces like cowards. You don’t see the tea party showing up at OWS events and disrupting their right to free speech. OWS protests always have violence and property damage going on.

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