Los Angeles Bans Plastic Bags

Environmentalists and progressives alike are enjoying a victory today as Los Angeles becomes the largest city in the nation to approve a ban on plastic bags.

Supermarkets will no longer be able to supply plastic bags to its customers. Instead, customers will be required to buy cloth bags or use paper bags provided by the store, which retailers will be required to charge 10 cents per bag one year after the ban is enacted. Paper bags were also under the knife, but as of now have been excluded from the ban.

Advocates of the bill argue that the ban will help reduce trash clogged landfills, waterways and oceans.

“Plastic harms our environment. It is a threat to the coastal economy. It is a danger to marine life and it is an unconscionable burden to taxpayers who have to foot the bill for cleanups year after year,” said attorney H. David Nahai, a former top executive at the Department of Water and Power.

Of course, this is one aspect of this topic, but what about the people who held the jobs that made the bags? Certainly they have some value, more so than say, a landfill?

When they went after paper bags, many in the logging industry lost work, which resulted in layoffs. As a result, a push for plastic bags ensued because they were supposed to be more durable and deteriorate less quickly.

How wrong they were.

So, now they are going after plastic and killing jobs in the process.

Does this make any sense?

Once more, they forgot that cloth bags need to be washed, which requires the use of a washer, dryer and detergent. Guess how that washer and dryer get electricity?

From coal!!!

Yep, that dirty energy source that environmentalists and progressives hate so much.

M.R. Lopez



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