Why I’m Not a Democrat or Republican

I believe everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and that no political party should dictate how a person should live in society.

I cannot be a Democrat because there ideology maintains a view of how we should live in society. In the same light, I cannot subscribe to Republican ideology because it also maintains a view of how people should live in a free society.

For example, the drug war, mandatory prayer in school, free trade, and reduced taxes are prevalent issues of the Right. Prevalent issues of the Left include gay marriage, minimum wage, prohibition of prayer in school, and universal healthcare.

Although I do subscribe to certain ideology from both parties I ultimately cannot call myself a Democrat or Republican instead I would call myself a Libertarian.

The basis for this label is simple.

Based on the video below lets look at both parties and examine the prevalent issues and try to determine if they are restricting freedom or promoting freedom.

Free trade promotes freedom of the individual in business while the drug war restricts freedom as new laws must be put in the books.

Gay marriage promotes freedom to individuals while minimum wage restricts freedom on the entrepreneur.

Reduced taxes promotes freedom as individuals have more of their money to use freely while requiring universal healthcare restricts individual freedom.

Lastly, both mandating and prohibiting prayer in public schools restricts freedom.

Promotes Freedom:

  • Free Trade (R)
  • Gay Marriage(L)
  • Reduced Taxes(R)

Restricts Freedom:

  • Drug War(R)
  • Minimum Wage(L)
  • Universal Health Care(L)
  • Prohibit Prayer in Public School(R)
  • Mandatory Prayer in Public School(L)

Based on these examples, more of the ideas of the Left restricts freedom.

Furthermore, the ideas of the Left restrict economic freedom.

So, where do you stand? Do you believe in a society that puts the freedom of the individual first and foremost?

M.R. Lopez


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Not a Democrat or Republican

  1. I agree with you here, I feel as though that all our problems can’t be solved with only 50% correctness. I enjoy some democratic AND Republican views. I hate people always wanting me to choose a side. Your post was very comprehensive! Thanks for the light read!

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