Media Execs Earn More Than Wall Street Execs In 2011

Protests are a funny thing. They incorporate all different types of people from the young and old, to the sane and loony.

Whether it’s a Tea Party rally or an Occupy Wall Street protest, you can be sure the fringe will be represented.

As the OWS movement went from its prime to its now dismal decline all that is left is the radical fringe. You know, the ones that insist on using destruction as a means to convey their message rather than honest, intellectual debate.

But take a step back. What was OWSs’ original message?

Well, from day one we’ve known that they have been against corporate greed and the 1%, or those that own the majority of the wealth.

But the funny thing is you never saw them attacking Tim Robbins or Alec Baldwin for their wealth and they openly support the movement.

No, I suppose you’re only an enemy to OWS if you don’t support their cause, are affiliated with the Right, and are rich, or any combination of the three.

Double standard you say? I think so.

Want another example?

OWS claims to be against the ultra wealthy executives of Wall Street but recent reports have shown that Wall Street execs are being out earned by media execs.

As we know they are also against the 1%, so did the media execs have to deal with any OWS’ers?


Instead some media outlets embrace the movement by writing articles and obtaining interviews from rich celebrities. I’m looking at you Alec Baldwin!

In 2011 Liberal news organization CBS ran a story highlighting how popular the OWS actually is.

Interestingly enough, the CEO of CBS Corp. was paid $69.9 million in 2011. That’s $46.9 million more than the highest paid Wall Street CEO, Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase & Co. in the same year! He earned $23 million.

In the same year CNN interviewed super rich Alec Baldwin, who does commercials for Citibank, saying that he supports the movement.

Again, interestingly enough, Jeff Bewkes, at Time Warner Inc., which owns CNN, was paid $26 million! That’s $3 million more than the highest paid Wall Street executive!

If these OWS protestors are really against corporate greed then why aren’t they protesting Alec Baldwin, CBS, and CNN?

M.R. Lopez


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