American Muslims Pelt Christians With Bottles and Trash

In a display of total intolerance, a large group of mainly young Muslim kids threw bottles and anything they could find, including the occasional rock, at Christian Demonstrators at the 2012 Arab International Festival in Dearborn, Michigan.

What you will see in the video below is disgusting and appalling. The level of disrespect that these young children display is astounding. The lack of police intervention is overwhelming, enough to make you think they just don’t care.

The Christian demonstrators are told that the police department cannot spare even two police officers to help with crowd control yet when they are forced to leave they are escorted out by about 14 officers. Later, when they are driving away from the festival, they are pulled over by about 12 police officers!

Watch the full video here:



Muslim Spits on Jewish Cameraman:



Ask yourself, if they situation had been reversed, would the police have acted the same way? The answer is, no. If these were Muslim demonstrators they would have received police support and there first amendment rights would have been upheld and defended.

These Christian demonstrators have just as much right as anyone else to utilize their free speech rights and assemble peacefully to demonstrate.

America, you have changed.

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