My Predictions

My predictions for 2012 going into 2013 and beyond.

1. President Obama will be re-elected. As much as it pains me to type this, it will happen.

2. Going into 2013, we will see a lot of our freedoms infringed upon. I know this is a broad prediction, but it will happen because it’s already happening.

3. The economy will continue to get worse. We will see a lot of inflation and unemployment or, stagflation.

4. Increase in food prices.

5. Increase in gas prices.

6. Medical care will be rationed due to ObamaCare, which will result in an increase in the average number of deaths from preventable and treatable diseases/illnesses. (2014 and beyond)

7. Tensions will rise in the Middle East and Israel will get attacked by Iran or Syria or both.

Want to add to the list? Add your predictions in the comments.


6 thoughts on “My Predictions

  1. I do not know how you know that Obama will get elected. Well, good luck on that. Nothing is certain. I want him to get elected but you dont. However, I do not see how anyone can predict it so far in advance.

    I read a few of the other issues you addressed and will only address two.

    Healthcare costs will increase but it will be better with Obamacare. And if you have time to read the law, you will actually see that it is for the middle class and the poor and has many great provisions. Many folks told him that “you do not help the poor and middle class in your first term”, but he did it anyway. I am surprised at the way folks react to a law that most of them have NEVER READ or understood. Right now, the Insurance companies are spending millions and millions to kill the law. Yet, no ant-healthcare freak has wondered why???? It is because it prevents them from milking the poor and the middle class. I suggest you get your information from a good law school blog on the issue.

    About Rights… I am a supporter of the 2nd ammendment and believe in gun ownership. We are a gun carrying, hunting and range frequenting family and Obama has done nothing to affect our rights. I also support the NRA and despite their cries of wolf, nothing has happened to our gun rights.

    As for the other things, just read it up on non-partisan educational sites and not blogs disguised as news.

  2. Also, I love how you tell me to read up on non-partisan educational sites, not BLOGS disguised as news, as if you know where I get my information from, how arrogant of you, typical liberal. Yet, you link to a blog site??? Hilarious.

    • It was not my intention to rile you up. Many folks have read the bill and discussed it at length some law school sites. If you search under on HealthCare Law, you will probably see some details on some sites. I think it is better to just read it as is with an open mind and not see it from the pandering on both sides.

      I rarely go back to sites these days if I feel that I might have offended the blogger. However, in this case, I was just sharing information.

      I know that if we all knew more and are not just dependent on media sound bites, we will all make better decisions especially regarding this law. The Healthcare Law is not perfect but it is a very very good effort and helps the middle class. This is why the greatest lobbists against it ARE and WERE Health Insurance Companies.

      I do not think Liberal is a dirty word. Some Americans are liberal and some of us are conservative, and most people are a mixture of both. I am mostly Conservative but of course, your opinion is duly noted.

      I just dropped in to engage in a lively discourse. Again, I just wanted to provide information and not to offend. We all want the best for America, I am sure.

  3. mumlawyer is an obot “concern troll.” Don’t believe for one second that he’s really conservative. mumlawyer visits conservative & liberal, anti-obama blogs all day long, posting these pathetically weak defenses of obama’s failed policies. When anyone disagrees, mumlawyer calls them racist.

  4. I do not know who this “Troll hunter” loser is and why he is so interested in my blog and my posts. This is a democracy and I am sharing my views. Troll hunter is harassing people like me, trying to stop us from sharing our views, and he is a common online riff raff.

    However, the only reason I am bothering a response is because faceless folks like this sully the election process. I do not have to agree with a prevailing conservative sentiment to be conservative.

    I do not have the time to post on day long either, which apparently this troll hunter does. I just saw this remark after a week or so. I have a blog and post on it. I am not some faceless loser like this troll hunter and others of his ilk who run around fermenting trouble and spreading their fevered asinine peasant-like agenda on line.

    Some of us have lives, families, children an work. My gosh, this is not the communist era, people can disagree and have civil discourse without this crass churlish claims of nonsense.

    It would be hilarious if it were not so indicative of the anti-intellectual buffoons that try to silence any other view among Moderate Conservatives!!

    I enjoyed this article, and disagreed with some portions of it. I thought my remarks were a tad too strong and came back to make amends. This blogger after all is entitled to his own views. That’s all. And I enjoyed this piece.

    This “Troll hunter peasant” is a total loser, internet harasser of innocents, and faceless Hoi poloi lunatici!! Jeesh. Get a life, Troll, innocent folks harasser- maniac. This is not your blog.

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