“If people let the gover…

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as the souls who live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson


2 thoughts on ““If people let the gover…

  1. Great quote! Thanks for sharing. However, I think that America is not in danger of a government takeover, contrary to the screams of the fear mongering press. The issue that America has to grapple with is the emergence of a plutocracy because of the post “Citizens United” ruling.

    Many billionaires see this election as an opportunity to finally control the government fully without hiding behind the skirts of lobbyists etc.

    The elections have been extremely polarized because the Republican party stuck a candidate down our throats and ignored the cries of moderates like me. Now, since Romney lacks charisma, and is the closest to a liberal in every way, the party has been forced to run on the “anything but Obama platform”. America is too important to be polarized in this extreme way.

    Both candidates have to be compared. Romney will not hire a veep that showed only two years of taxes and yet that is what he is asking us to accept. The expectation that we should know more about his candidature is bi-partisan. It is cultural and has always been done. Even McCain, whom he references as the other candidate that only released two tax returns, was a Senator and had to provide robust yearly information about his financial dealings. Romney is a private citizen and does not have the transparency that McCain does.

    The connection we are making between Romney’s wealth and his prowess as an economic savior, is flawed and reminds me of the WMD, Iraq and Al Queda connection. There was no real connection in that instance, and no basis for the war. In Romney’s case, there is no real connection between working as a Venture capitalist and creating jobs. Again, this is why the party should have nominated Gingrich whom most of us wanted.

    This is not an election about merely winning. This is an election that will determine the soul of America and I am aghast that one candidate is running on the “elect me because I am not Obama platform”. Yet, any vetting of his past work at Bain, questions of how his religion might affect his presidency, his taxes, his liberal positions in MA etc. are met with cries of “I am being attacked”. Unfortunately, we are caught up in this extremely polarized and emotional climate and people are driven by passion and not reality.

    Obama brought this country out of the precipice of disaster, and even though the job market has slowed, I have seen his strengths and weaknesses. In the case of Romney, all I have for choice is that we should trust him, as he will do better.

    Gingrich would have been a unifier. He has always been a conservative and his positions have not changed over the years. He also had a stellar record in the house and had clear plans of his vision for the future of America.

    Instead, we are stuck with Romney and his “I am not Obama and will give you candy” claims. His lack of a vision fans the anger and hatred of our President. Elections should be about choice and reason not about hate and unfounded partisan fears.


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