The Obama Record of Broken Promises


UN gun control treaty is dead!

Fellowship of the Minds

Something to celebrate!

The United Nations Arms Trade gun control Treaty failed to get ratified!

The treaty was supposed to be ratified last Friday, July 27, 2012.

But James S. Robbins reports forThe Washington Times that talks over the UN Arms Trade Treaty fell apart, effectively killing the agreement.

A pro-treaty legal blog reports that the process seemed to be moving to completion when the United States requested an extension to the time allotted to negotiate the agreement. This opened the door to other countries to begin registering more complex objections, and it soon became clear that reaching agreement within the allowed time frame would be impossible.

The proposed treaty had raised considerable domestic opposition from gun rights advocates in the United States.

Now the treaty has died before it had a chance to become a threat. We dodged the bullet (sorry for the pun!) for now, but the UN still…

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My Predictions

My predictions for 2012 going into 2013 and beyond.

1. President Obama will be re-elected. As much as it pains me to type this, it will happen.

2. Going into 2013, we will see a lot of our freedoms infringed upon. I know this is a broad prediction, but it will happen because it’s already happening.

3. The economy will continue to get worse. We will see a lot of inflation and unemployment or, stagflation.

4. Increase in food prices.

5. Increase in gas prices.

6. Medical care will be rationed due to ObamaCare, which will result in an increase in the average number of deaths from preventable and treatable diseases/illnesses. (2014 and beyond)

7. Tensions will rise in the Middle East and Israel will get attacked by Iran or Syria or both.

Want to add to the list? Add your predictions in the comments.

Karl Rove Protestors Don’t Know Who Rove Is!

The lack of intelligence portrayed by the Left and its constituents is mesmerizing. So much so that it warrants concern. It scares me, as it should scare you, to think that right now there are people protesting things about which they know nothing of.



El Rushbo’s Response:



Original source: Protestors show up to rally against Karl Rove – But can’t really say who Karl Rove is.

Oil Industry Profits

How to dismantle the typical oil industry profits argument of the left, if you must.

So, is it true? Are American oil companies making absurd profits off oil? The fact is, American oil companies are not the biggest profiteer of oil, government is.

“In 2007, the oil companies earned between eight and nine cents for every dollar of gasoline sales”(Levin 89). (1)

Whoa, not looking too profitable for the oil industry right off the bat. But, how much more proof do we need that American oil companies are not the ones profiting the most off oil? Well, this should seal the deal.

From 1977 to 2004, according to Tax Foundation data, U.S. oil companies cleared $630 billion after taxes while paying $518 billion in federal and state corporate taxes at an average rate of 45%. Over the same period, an additional $1.34 trillion in excise fuel taxes was collected from consumers by the oil companies and turned over to various governments. (2)

The numbers do not lie.

There is no doubt that the oil industry makes a great deal of money, but a lot of that money goes to the government through federal and state corporate taxes and in excise fuel taxes as cited above. This money is used to further expand the reach and power of government, which in turn, and in time, can restrict liberty.

M.R. Lopez


Levin, Mark R. Liberty and Tyranny – A Conservative Manifesto. New York: Threshold Editions, 2010. 89. Print.

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(2). Editorial, “Record Profits Mean Record Taxes,” Investor’s Business Daily, Feb. 12, 2008, A10.