NewsBusted 7/14/12


Karl Rove Protestors Don’t Know Who Rove Is!

The lack of intelligence portrayed by the Left and its constituents is mesmerizing. So much so that it warrants concern. It scares me, as it should scare you, to think that right now there are people protesting things about which they know nothing of.



El Rushbo’s Response:



Original source: Protestors show up to rally against Karl Rove – But can’t really say who Karl Rove is.

Unfair Campaign

The battle plan of the left it seems, has always been, divide and conquer.

The following video is further proof that liberals think white people are evil and that you and I owe other races compensation, whether it’s monetary or some other form, for our horrible actions.

Un-Fair Campaign

Below is a response to the Unfair Campaign ad: